My Chronic Brain: Chronic Migraine and Its Impact on Work


An excerpt from My Chronic Brain: Volume 3, Issue 3- Chronic Migraine and Its Impact on Work , Why We Should Talk About Migraine at Work, Writer Kellie Pokrifka.

“The best part of providing Migraine accommodations is that what is typically beneficial for Migraine management is beneficial for brain health and what is beneficial for brain health is typically beneficial for everyone. For example, fluorescent lighting can be an intense trigger for migraine attacks. In addition, they have proven to reduce productivity in the general population. If you ask around the office, it is doubtful that anyone claims to enjoy working under these flickering lights. Ergonomic seating can also prevent migraine attack initiation and exacerbation, along with improving efficiency in all employees.


The Harvard Business Review found that ‘simply instituting Migraine education programs was associated with an increase in productivity of 29-36%, due to fewer work days missed because of Migraine attacks, fewer days worked with Migraine attacks, and increased effectiveness on days when employees did work with Migraine attacks.’”

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