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Migraine at Work: Working 9 to 5 — Or Maybe Not!

An excerpt from National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, Migraine at Work: Working 9 to 5- Or Maybe Not!,  written by Mary Franklin. Tips for Discussing Migraine at Work Before beginning the discussion with your immediate supervisor, or preferably with the human resources department, be prepared. More than 40 million individuals in the United States experience migraine disease, so there is a good chance that the person with whom you are conversing, knows…

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Migraine in the Workplace- For Employers

An excerpt from the Migraine Ireland, Migraine in the Workplace- For Employers,  written by DNM. Migraine in the workplace is a huge issue! People living with migraine find that many of their colleagues or employers do not understand that it is a complex neurological condition and a real medical condition, just like diabetes, epilepsy, or asthma. In fact, it is more prevalent than all three of these conditions put together.[5] Migraine is particularly hard to…

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My Migraine Experience Videos

An excerpt from Migraine Again, My Migraine Experience Videos, starring LaQuinda McCoy, Bryon Sampson, and Elizabeth DeStefano. "Real people with Migraine share their experiences in this video series. LaQuinda is a transplant nurse who made big strides with her Migraine management. Bryon is a father trying to juggle family life and daily pain. Elizabeth is a mom and educator who is determined to find purpose in her pain." Watch the full videos…

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Your Patient Wants to File for Disability Here’s How You Can Help

An excerpt from NeurologyToday, Your Patient Wants to File For Disability: Here's How You Can Help,  written by Lola Butcher. Neurologists play a key role in providing thorough and accurate documentation of the individual's health status for disability claims, but for many neurologists it can be challenging to address requests from patients who want to apply for disability benefits. Experts identify tips for neurologists to help with the claims. [...] In a letter…

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Calling in Sick? Good Conversations about Migraine at Work

An excerpt from the MigraineAgain.com, Calling in Sick? Good Conversations about Migraine at Work,  written by Paula Dumas. Talking candidly about how to manage a migraine at work is one of the best ways to keep a great employee and a great job. If you’re the one calling in sick with a migraine, chances are your boss and co-workers understand migraines more than you might think. MRF reports that nearly 1…

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Hidden Pain: Migraine Stigma at Work Is a Big Problem

An excerpt from the MigraineAgain.com, Hidden Pain: Migraine Stigma at Work Is a Big Problem, written by Angie Glaser. "A large poll shows more than half of Americans miss work due to Migraine, but they often don’t tell their bosses the truth. Discover the impact of Migraine stigma at work. “Migraine in the workplace is hiding in plain sight,” commented Paula K. Dumas, Managing Editor of Migraine Again at the Spotlight on Migraine…

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