Time: 5 Ways to Cope With Migraines at Work


An excerpt from Time5 Ways to Cope with Migraines at Work written by Alejandro de la Garza.

How to avoid migraines at work

More important than treating migraines once they come on is avoiding episodes to begin with, says Diamond. That means taking steps to adjust your work routine and office environment as much as possible in order to mitigate the specific factors that prompt episodes. […]

Some people who experience migraines may want to avoid fluorescent lighting, as bright light can trigger their headaches. So can strong odors for some patients—so if a colleague uses strong-smelling perfume or aftershave that triggers your symptoms, that might call for a respectful conversation between co-workers.

You might not be able to change everything about your work environment to avoid migraines, but it’s important to adjust what you can control to make episodes less likely to occur. […]

What to do if you get a migraine at work

Even the best preventative measures don’t work all the time. If you experience regular migraines, chances are you’ll find yourself riding one out at work. If that happens, Diamond recommends trying to take 20 minutes to a half hour in a quiet spot away from your desk to rest and take whatever acute migraine medicine you use, if any. Once the migraine (hopefully) clears, or at least subsides, you can return to work. […]

How should you talk to your boss or co-workers about your migraines?

Conversations with bosses or co-workers can be difficult, especially if they are under the false impression that you’re trying to get special treatment.

Diamond says it may make sense to tell your boss or HR representative about your triggers, while making sure they realize you’re still committed to being a team player and pulling your weight. That might also involve pushing back sometimes, and learning to advocate for yourself for the sake of your health.”

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