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How Migraine Impacts Men

An excerpt from Thrive Global, How Migraine Impacts Men: Migraine is often stereotyped as a “disorder for women.”, written by Elizabeth Burstein. "Migraine is three times more prevalent in women than in men and one of the leading causes of disability in women. For this reason, some people can be skeptical when a man complains of migraine, and studies show men are less likely to be diagnosed with this disease than women are.…

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How Factory Workers Can Cope With and Prevent Migraine

An excerpt from IHS-GPAC, How Factory Workers Can Cope With and Prevent Migraine. "There are steps factory workers and their supervisors can take to make their workplace more migraine-friendly. Through changes in the environment, workplace culture and company policies, these following five tips offer ways to cope and possibly avoid attacks. 1. Introduce a Workplace Migraine Education Program [...] 2. Reduce Common Triggers in the Workplace Working on the factory…

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How can we best celebrate women? By looking after their health

An excerpt from Euractiv, How can we best celebrate women? By looking after their health, published by Eli Lilly. "According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe, gender inequalities and stereotypes result in women experiencing lower life satisfaction from an early age, disparities in the workforce, and ill health.[1] One health condition that disproportionately affects women is migraine. Migraine, which affects more than one in ten (11.4%) people in Europe,[2] is…

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Migraines Can Affect Ability to Work, Study Results Show

An excerpt from Pharmacy Times, Migraines Can Affect Ability to Work, Study Results Show,  written by Ashley Gallagher. "Based on the study, investigators made 3 recommendations for individuals with migraines or tension headaches: - Employees and managers should discuss the possibility of adapting work during headache or migraine attacks to reduce absenteeism. This includes performing tasks that less cognitively, emotionally, and physically demanding or working in a room with less…

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Migraine at Work Webinar: Jan 2022

Juggling migraine and work can be a minefield. There are so many questions: Should I tell my boss? Should I ask for accommodations? Am I required to disclose migraine? What am I entitled to? Join the hosts of the Migraine World Summit, Paula K.Dumas & Carl Cincinnato, at the recording of the one-hour webinar on Thursday, January 27th, 2022 Find answers to the questions so many of us have about…

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Migraine Accommodations Benefit Brain Health for all Employees

How do migraine accommodations benefit brain health for all employees?   Sarah reports to her manager, Katherine, that she has been struggling to work with migraine. Sarah is an excellent employee, and Katherine wants to offer support to prevent Sarah from having to leave the company. However, Katherine knows relatively little about migraine and which potential measures can be provided. She worries that providing accommodations may be costly and may…

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