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Migraine Accommodations Benefit Brain Health for all Employees

How do migraine accommodations benefit brain health for all employees?   Sarah reports to her manager, Katherine, that she has been struggling to work with migraine. Sarah is an excellent employee, and Katherine wants to offer support to prevent Sarah from having to leave the company. However, Katherine knows relatively little about migraine and which potential measures can be provided. She worries that providing accommodations may be costly and may…

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Mental Health, Migraine, and Burnout in the Workplace

What is the Connection Between Mental Health and Migraine, and How Can This Lead to Burnout in the Workplace?   Mental health disorders, migraine, and their connections A mental health disorder, or mental illness, is a medical condition and affects a person’s mood, thinking, or behavior. 1 Common examples include anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Migraine is a neurological disease and a primary headache disorder with symptoms such as headache,…

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Migraine is Not “Just a Headache”

Migraine is a neurological disorder whereas headache is a symptom.   As an employer, how do you respond when an employee says they have migraine? If it’s  one of the following responses, your employees may not feel like they have your support, even if your intentions were good.  - “Take an ibuprofen and get back in there!” - “Have you tried drinking more water?” - “Oh, I get headaches, too.” …

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Is Migraine a Disability?

How Can Migraine Classify as a Disability in the Workplace?   When Hannah first started her position as a corporate lawyer, her migraine disease was largely under control. When a migraine attack would occur, she would be completely out of commision for about three days. Luckily, this only happened a few times per year. Now the attacks are occurring far more frequently. Even at only twice a month, she is…

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Stigma & Hesitation in Migraine Care

Examine how stigma and hesitating to consult a professional are making the cost of migraine in the workplace much greater. Questions Answered in this Webcast: - Is migraine at work an issue people even need to think about? - If migraine has such a huge impact,  how come no one talks about it? - How many people hesitate to consult a doctor for their migraine condition? - What is a headache…

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Optimizing Brain Health in the Office

Bringing Brain Care to the Front of Migraine  Have you ever been in a meeting when it was shared that a coworker was out for the day due to a migraine? Let’s call her Lucy. Claudia makes a remark about it just being a headache and infers that Lucy probably just didn’t have her work done or wanted the day off. Jeronimo rolls his eyes and asks when she will…

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