How Migraine Impacts Men


An excerpt from Thrive Global, How Migraine Impacts Men: Migraine is often stereotyped as a “disorder for women.”, written by Elizabeth Burstein.

“Migraine is three times more prevalent in women than in men and one of the leading causes of disability in women. For this reason, some people can be skeptical when a man complains of migraine, and studies show men are less likely to be diagnosed with this disease than women are.

However, men do still get migraine attacks. About 9% of men are affected by migraine, which can really interfere with a person’s daily routine and is associated with other health issues, such as anxiety and depression.  […]

In a survey where over 350 men participated, 75% disclosed that migraine had impacted their health, while 84% stated it affected their work life.

Migraine has been proven to have an adverse effect on a man’s mental health. 71% of the participants of a survey stated that their migraine led to depression, and 76% revealed that they felt anxious or nervous due to their migraine disease.

A study revealed that migraine in men increases the likelihood of a stroke by 42%. Also, people living with migraine have a higher chance of developing heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. […]

No matter your gender, don’t hesitate to speak up about your migraine to your friends and family so they can support you as you navigate the lifestyle changes needed to manage your condition, and seek top quality medical care to find the relief you deserve.

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