How I Survive Migraine Episodes at Work


An excerpt from WebMDHow I Survive Migraine Episodes at Work written by Naki Carter.

“If you have to be on a computer or phone calls all day long:

  • -F.lux plugin. I use the f.lux plugin on my computer. It’s a free download that warms my computer display at night to match your indoor lighting. I also have “night mode” enabled on my iPhone. I spend a lot of time staring at screens, and we all know that’s not good for migraine warriors. I saw immediate benefits when I began strategically adjusting the brightness on my devices.
  • -TheraSpecs. I’ve tried the blue/green glasses from Amazon, but for me, TheraSpecs are the only ones that have made a difference.
  • -Wear a hat or hoodie. In addition to the TheraSpecs, wear a hat or a hoodie to block the light from above, noise-canceling headphones (white noise or just silent) when not on calls, and make sure your chair, keyboard, and phone setup are comfortable.
  • -WeatherX earplugs. These earplugs are perfect if your migraine episodes are triggered by high air pressure. I use that along with a barometer app on my iPhone to know when I’m at high risk.
  • -No music while working. I love working with music or the TV playing in the background. But for some people, it’s a migraine trigger.
  • -Reading ruler plugin. Depending on how my eyes feel, a reading ruler-type plugin is super helpful by preventing text from wobbling all over the screen and helping me focus my attention.
  • -Use speakerphone. I use my phone on speaker instead of a headset. Try this ASAP. I find speaker mode creates less painful and echoey vibrations in my head.
  • -I always carry peppermint essential oil to put on my forehead, neck, temples, and scalp. It feels almost icy without keeping an ice pack on for when that’s not possible. Remember to dilute the oil with a moisturizer or lotion. ”

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