Optimizing Brain Health in the Office

Bringing Brain Care to the Front of Migraine  Have you ever been in a meeting when it was shared that a coworker was out for the day due to a migraine? Let’s call her Lucy. Claudia makes a remark about it just being a headache and infers that Lucy probably just didn’t have her work done or wanted the day off. Jeronimo rolls his eyes and asks when she will…

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What is Migraine Stigma?

“A migraine? Really? You can just take something and come in?” “No…it’s not like that.” “Hmmph. Well OK. We’ll talk when you’re back though.” That was a conversation I overheard years ago when a coworker called out because of a migraine. It wasn’t too surprising, considering that I was working in retail, an industry notoriously unsympathetic of absence. But it’s a conversation that has played out for countless migraine sufferers…

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How Much Does Migraine Cost?

The Cost Of Migraine To The Employer And Employee    There are numerous reasons why you need to care about migraine in the workplace. It’s the number one cause of disability for employees under fifty. 1 It’s a DEI issue. But perhaps the most compelling reason when it comes to the financials is that migraine is hiding in plain sight and is costing almost all American companies significant amounts of…

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Why is Migraine a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Issue?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts are critical to any successful business. However, many of these efforts focus only on the hiring process, and then leave these marginalized employees to fend for themselves once the job is secured. It’s in the best interest of employers to make resources available to help ensure the success of all employees. Fortunately, we are seeing greater implementation for workplace programs in several different disease states…

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Accommodations for Migraine in the Workplace

Accommodations can not only help make working through a migraine attack more bearable, but they can also help prevent migraine attacks, which is, of course, the best option.  Accommodations are never one-size-fits-all. Each person has unique triggers and symptoms of migraine. To find which accommodations may work for you, create a list of both of these areas. For example, perfumes and a lack of sleep may trigger an attack. Once…

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Why Does Migraine Not Appear in Claims Data?

Migraine affects 1 in every 6 US adults. It’s the number two leading cause of disability in the US  working age group.(1) According to an independent industry group, The Integrated Benefits Institute, for every 1,000 employees, each U.S company spends $84,000 in direct costs and absenteeism.(2)  If migraine has such a large cost, it’s reasonable to ask why it is not obvious. Why are there not a steady stream of migraine…

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