Migraine at Work Program

Improve Your Organization’s Productivity By Addressing Migraine With An Evidence-Based Program

Migraine is one of the leading causes of lost productivity due to functional impairment in the workplace, but it can be managed.

If migraine really is a big problem why isn’t anyone talking about it?

  • – It’s misunderstood: Most employees have learnt not to complain
  • – It’s undertreated: It doesn’t show up in claim reports because employees use off label pain killers or alternative therapies
  • – It’s disbelieved: Employees hide their migraine condition and give other reasons for sick leave or absence

Migraine is underdiagnosed, undertreated and poorly managed in America. 

  • – 40% haven’t been diagnosed. 

    • – Almost half hesitate to seek care. 

    • – Utilization of guideline recommended treatments are below 20%.
  • – Employees with migraine fear discrimination

    • – 4 out of 5 managers don’t consider migraine a “serious enough” reason to leave work.

    • – Employees fear informing supervisors or HR

    • – Stigma leads to concealment, isolation and “pushing through the pain” which results in greater losses in productivity.

While there is no cure, migraine can be managed. 

While Migraine Takes A Toll On The Individual, It’s The Organization That Picks Up The Bill

  • – According to Integrated Benefits Institute report, the total direct and indirect costs of migraine per 1,000 employees is $252,000 per year.
  • – The National Headache Foundation similarly reported a cost of $245,000 per year for every 1,000 employees.
  • – Employees with migraine take an extra 4 days of leave per year but lose another 12 days due to functional impairment while working.
  • – 1 in 6 working adults lives with migraine.

Migraine At Work can help. 

Migraine At Work educates employees in a concise, interactive program about migraine, headache, and other factors that improve not just migraine but overall brain health, performance, and quality of life.


  • – Interactive: The program features interactive elements that keep employees engaged and facilitate active learning.
  • – Short micro-lessons: Bite-sized modules ensure that employees can easily fit learning into their busy schedules, with each lesson designed to be completed in a short timeframe.
  • – Medically reviewed: All content is rigorously reviewed by medical experts to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • – App-based or online eCourse: Flexible delivery options accommodate diverse learning preferences and provide convenient access to educational resources.

Additional resources include health coaching, virtual seminars with Q&A from leading neurologists, on-site clinic practitioner training, and many others.


  • – Uncover missed diagnoses: 40% of those with migraine do not have a diagnosis, setting patients up for subpar treatment and worsening of their conditions. By raising awareness and providing valuable educational resources, Migraine At Work empowers employees to recognize potential migraine symptoms and seek timely diagnosis and treatment.
  • – Empower employees to find better solutions with their doctor: Armed with knowledge and insights from the program, employees can actively engage with healthcare professionals to develop personalized migraine management strategies, leading to improved outcomes and quality of life.
  • – Unlock greater productivity, employee health, and well-being: By equipping employees with the tools and information needed to effectively manage migraine, Migraine At Work facilitates a healthier, more productive work environment, reducing absenteeism and presenteeism/ functional impairment while boosting overall employee satisfaction and well-being.




  • – 5 Star Review: “The well being and self management techniques were very valuable and are being incorporated into my daily routine. I made it through a long week national meeting without rising to a level 10 using some of these techniques.”
  • – 5 Star Review: “Learning new information about Migraine Triggers, Management, and Treatment options validates the seriousness of this debilitating disorder. Thank you …for the opportunity to participate in Migraine at Work.”
  • – 5 Star Review: “Excellent resource. I did not realize how many triggers can cause a migraine attack. I had experienced migraine since I was a teenager leading me to struggle with school, and now as an adult it has been difficult just to deal with everyday chores. Great to have these resources available.” 


Migraine At Work offers a comprehensive solution to address the impact of migraine and headache disorders on workplace productivity and employee well-being. Through an engaging eCourse or convenient mobile app, employees gain access to expertly curated information to improve their understanding of migraine management and enhance their brain health. 


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