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Mental Health, Migraine, and Burnout in the Workplace

What is the Connection Between Mental Health and Migraine, and How Can This Lead to Burnout in the Workplace?   Mental health disorders, migraine, and their connections A mental health disorder, or mental illness, is a medical condition and affects a person’s mood, thinking, or behavior. 1 Common examples include anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Migraine is a neurological disease and a primary headache disorder with symptoms such as headache,…

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Migraine is Not “Just a Headache”

Migraine is a neurological disorder whereas headache is a symptom.   As an employer, how do you respond when an employee says they have migraine? If it’s  one of the following responses, your employees may not feel like they have your support, even if your intentions were good.  - “Take an ibuprofen and get back in there!” - “Have you tried drinking more water?” - “Oh, I get headaches, too.” …

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Overcoming Challenges in the Workplace

Learn how migraine disease may affect us in the workplace and how we can best arm ourselves to fight back. Questions Answered in this Webcast: - What percentage of people in the workplace have migraine? - There has been a shift in workplace culture during the Covid-19 pandemic; can you describe it and its impact to people with migraine? - For those who have benefited from flexible work arrangements, how…

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Is the Workplace Making You Sick?

Discover the most common triggers for migraine attacks in the workplace and how to mitigate their risks. Questions Answered in this Webcast: - What are the most common migraine triggers in the workplace? - How far in advance does the exposure to the trigger then turn into the migraine attack? - How can we address light/ sound/ smell sensitivity; screen time; stress; posture; diet; sleep; and other triggers or symptoms?…

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Migraine at Work- Why Does it Matter?

Discover why migraine disease is a hidden drain on your company, and learn what you can do to relieve this burden. Questions Answered in this Webcast: - How did you cope with migraine attacks at work? - When did migraine first impact your career? - What drove your decisions on how you managed migraine in the workplace? (did you tell your boss, co-workers, HR, etc) - Were you afraid of…

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Migraine in the Workplace- For Employers

An excerpt from the Migraine Ireland, Migraine in the Workplace- For Employers,  written by DNM. Migraine in the workplace is a huge issue! People living with migraine find that many of their colleagues or employers do not understand that it is a complex neurological condition and a real medical condition, just like diabetes, epilepsy, or asthma. In fact, it is more prevalent than all three of these conditions put together.[5] Migraine is particularly hard to…

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