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Migraine disease is a chronic and often debilitating condition affecting 39 million Americans. It’s the second leading cause of disability worldwide.

As migraine affects 1 in every 6 people, slot 5000 nearly every workplace in the country is impacted by migraine disease. Migraine costs US businesses over $78 billion a year. Despite the prevalence of the disease, there is a lack of education and awareness around it. In the workplace, this often leads to unintended stigma and bias against employees living with migraine disease.

Migraine at Work is educating organizations about the workplace needs of individuals living with migraine disease. Our mission is to give employers and employees the tools they need to build healthier, stigma-free and more productive workplaces.

Migraine at Work offers resources and information on costs, accommodations, and educational programs to help people living with migraine go from surviving to thriving in the workplace.

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Migraine at Work is an initiative of the World Health Education Foundation. Our steering committee includes the National Headache Foundation, MigraineAgain.com, the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum, Migraine World Summit and Robert Shapiro, MD, PhD.

Amgen, Lilly, and AbbVie are proud supporters of Migraine at Work.

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