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Understanding Bipolar Disorder and Migraine

An excerpt from Psych Central, Understanding Bipolar Disorder and Migraine, written by Hope Gillette and medically reviewed by Marc S Lener, MD. Does bipolar disorder cause migraine? There’s no evidence that suggests bipolar disorder causes migraine, but the two conditions are commonly seen together. Having both conditions often makes episodes of both more frequent. Migraine tends to develop after the onset of bipolar disorder. As many as 29% of people living with bipolar disorder have…

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Mental Health, Migraine, and Burnout in the Workplace

What is the Connection Between Mental Health and Migraine, and How Can This Lead to Burnout in the Workplace?   Mental health disorders, migraine, and their connections A mental health disorder, or mental illness, is a medical condition and affects a person’s mood, thinking, or behavior. 1 Common examples include anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Migraine is a neurological disease and a primary headache disorder with symptoms such as headache,…

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