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How I Survive Migraine Episodes at Work

An excerpt from WebMD, How I Survive Migraine Episodes at Work,  written by Naki Carter. "If you have to be on a computer or phone calls all day long: -F.lux plugin. I use the f.lux plugin on my computer. It’s a free download that warms my computer display at night to match your indoor lighting. I also have "night mode" enabled on my iPhone. I spend a lot of time staring at…

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Managing Migraine in the Workplace: Podcast

An excerpt from the podcast Spotlight on Migraine hosted by the Association of Migraine Disorders, Managing Migraine in the Workplace,  with guest Paula Dumas. "So for every 1,000 employees, migraine in the workforce costs about $84,000 in excess healthcare treatments and lost work time. Most of that is actually in presenteeism. But what’s really cool to look at is to take this in any organization, and if you work for an…

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The Cut: The High Point of My Career Came With a Physical Breakdown

An excerpt from The Cut by New York Magazine, The High Point of My Career Came With a Physical Breakdown,  written by Chloe Benjamin as told to Danielle Cohen. "When my second novel, The Immortalists, sold to a publisher at a level that allowed me to leave my day job in social services and write full time — a rare and extraordinary privilege in the arts — I was wildly grateful. I also felt a lot of pressure. My…

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Juggling Work and Migraine Videos

An excerpt from Migraine Again, Juggling Work and Migraine Videos, starring David, Linda, Suzanne, Debra, Morgan, Lyn, Angie, and Kelley. Real people discuss their journeys juggling careers and migraine disease.   Watch full videos here.  

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My Chronic Brain: Chronic Migraine and Its Impact on Work

An excerpt from My Chronic Brain: Volume 3, Issue 3- Chronic Migraine and Its Impact on Work , Why We Should Talk About Migraine at Work, Writer Kellie Pokrifka. “The best part of providing Migraine accommodations is that what is typically beneficial for Migraine management is beneficial for brain health and what is beneficial for brain health is typically beneficial for everyone. For example, fluorescent lighting can be an intense trigger for migraine attacks. In…

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Charting A New Course – Cooking Up a New Career

Despite our best efforts, sometimes migraine disease can force us out of our career entirely. Discover how Alicia Wolf started over completely and paved an entirely new path due to vestibular migraine. Questions Answered in this Webcast: - Why did you have to change careers due to migraine? What was the disease progression like for you? - How did you manage migraine attacks at work? - What drove your decisions…

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