How to Create a Healthy Home Office


An excerpt from Migraine AgainHow to Create a Healthy Home Office written by PeggySue Wells.

5 Steps to Set up a Home Office that Works

1 – Get Ergonomics Right

[…] Once the furniture is in place for good ergonomic work posture, sit similar to the common position used when driving a car: feet flat, legs extended, and body leaning back slightly. When typing on a computer and reading from the monitor, keep arms comfortably flat on the table surface, with wrists in a neutral position. […]

2 – Move It, Move It

Frequent but short breaks are necessary when working in a home office. Remind yourself to move frequently by setting a timer. […]

3 – The Eyes Have It

[…] Some things to keep in mind to protect your eyes include:

  • Keep your computer monitor about an arm’s length distance directly in front of you.
  • Position the screen at, or slightly below, eye level
  • Place the keyboard or mouse between your and the monitor
  • Enlarge the text size on your device
  • Place your brightest light source to the side
  • Avoid light that is too bright or too dim. Aim for a mid-lit setting
  • Bypass Venetian or striped blinds and fluorescent lights
  • Keep your computer screen and eyeglasses clean […]

4 – Control Sound

[…] To maintain a healthy posture and protect sensitive ears, use your phone’s speaker function or a headset. For calls on the computer, invest in a good set of headphones and mute your microphone when not talking to filter distracting background noise. […]

5 – Get a Plant. Or Two

Think biodiversity when setting up a home office. People respond to nature. When possible, work near a window, and cultivate plants close by. […]

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