Toxic Smoke Exposure in the Line of Duty Is Linked to Migraine and Headache


An excerpt from Migraine AgainToxic Smoke Exposure in the Line of Duty is Linked to Migraine and Headache written by Courtney Kilian.

Veterans Who Are Exposed to Burn Pits Are More Likely to Deal with Disabling Migraine and Headache

For too many combat veterans, the battle does not end once back on American soil. Nearly three-quarters of veterans who were exposed to burn pits in the line of duty went on to be diagnosed with neurological issues like Migraine, according to new research by Dr. Jason Sico, the leading headache specialist in Veterans Affairs.

That means Migraine is just as prevalent in veterans with burn pit exposure as it is in women. There has been a huge uptick in veterans diagnosed with Migraine and other headache disorders in recent years.

Over one million veterans are currently diagnosed with a headache disorder, 621,000 of whom are classified as having Migraine. In 2020 alone, nearly half a million veterans sought specialized care within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) for headaches. And this number has shockingly increased steadily by more than 50,000 cases per year.

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