Navigating Migraine in the Workplace: Strategies For Success (Webinar)

Co-hosts: Paula K. Dumas and Carl Cincinnato, Migraine At Work

Experiencing a migraine attack at work during critical moments is a daunting and common challenge. The workplace, with its high demands and fast-paced environment, can intensify the difficulty of effectively managing migraine. This not only puts employees’ health and well-being at risk but also affects the organization’s overall performance and productivity.

Join Migraine At Work Executive Director, Carl Cincinnato and Migraine At Work Steering Committee Lead, Paula K. Dumas, as we share our own stories and the profound shifts in our careers due to migraine. In the  webinar, you’ll gain insight into thriving despite migraine at work. It discusses practical topics such as:

  1. Understanding why migraine is a significant workplace issue.
  2. Initiating conversations about migraine with your employer.
  3. Navigating the rights to accommodations and how to request them.
  4. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of disclosing your condition.

This live one-hour session was recorded on Tuesday, June 11th at 2:00 pm ET. Live attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion.

Empower yourself, or your organization, with knowledge that can have a positive impact on your work life and promote a more supportive work environment.

Paula K. Dumas

President and Co-Founder of World Health Education Foundation

A 30+ year migraine warrior, wife, mother, corporate exec turned health advocate, Paula K. Dumas is co-founder of Migraine Again, serving as its CEO, Managing Editor and Chief Encouragement Officer. Her mission is to empower and encourage people with migraine to live their best life.

She champions patients’ needs as a Board Member of the American Migraine Foundation, leader of the Coalition for Migraine and Headache Patients (CHAMP), patient advocate for the International Headache Society (IHS) and co-author of CaMEO and My Migraine Voice research studies.

In addition to authoring over 300 articles on migraine health and wellness, Paula is the producer and co-host of the Migraine World Summit, the largest event of its kind bringing together 30+ world-class experts on migraine, headache, health and wellness. Paula is a frequent speaker at industry, health care and public policy events including the National Health Research Forum and Headache on the Hill in Washington, D.C. A top patient influencer, Paula has been nominated for a WEGO Health Advocate Award.

Paula is also the founder and CEO of the World Health Education Foundation, a 501c3, established to educate and empower people with disabling chronic health conditions in order to reduce the global burden on society. She is on the steering committee for Migraine at Work.