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Managing Migraine in the Workplace: Podcast

An excerpt from the podcast Spotlight on Migraine hosted by the Association of Migraine Disorders, Managing Migraine in the Workplace,  with guest Paula Dumas. "So for every 1,000 employees, migraine in the workforce costs about $84,000 in excess healthcare treatments and lost work time. Most of that is actually in presenteeism. But what’s really cool to look at is to take this in any organization, and if you work for an…

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Time: 5 Ways to Cope With Migraines at Work

An excerpt from Time, 5 Ways to Cope with Migraines at Work,  written by Alejandro de la Garza. How to avoid migraines at work More important than treating migraines once they come on is avoiding episodes to begin with, says Diamond. That means taking steps to adjust your work routine and office environment as much as possible in order to mitigate the specific factors that prompt episodes. [...] Some people who experience migraines…

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Stigma & Hesitation in Migraine Care

Examine how stigma and hesitating to consult a professional are making the cost of migraine in the workplace much greater. Questions Answered in this Webcast: - Is migraine at work an issue people even need to think about? - If migraine has such a huge impact,  how come no one talks about it? - How many people hesitate to consult a doctor for their migraine condition? - What is a headache…

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