Brain Health

Discover useful tips to optimize your brain health- in and out of the office. 

Expert Guest: Dr. Krystal Culler, DBH, MA, Founder & Creative Director of Virtual Brain Health Center

Discover useful tips to optimize your brain health- in and out of the office.

Questions Answered in this Webcast:

  • – What does it mean to have a healthy brain?
  • – Do we have much ability to affect the way our brain ages? 
  • – Does chronic migraine/pain cause premature aging of the brain? 
  • – What about the effects of taking medication over a long period of time?
  • – Why do we have memory loss as we age?
  • – Do you have tips for improving our focus and attention at work and staying more productive?
  • – What are risk factors associated cognitive decline?
  • – What tips do you have involving sleep, exercise, diet, and socialization?
  • – What are the best foods for our brain?
  • – What is the mind-body connection, and why is this important?  
Krystal Culler headshot

Dr. Krystal Culler, DBH, MA

Founder & Creative Director, Virtual Brain Health Center

Dr. Culler is the Founder & Creative Director of the Virtual Brain Health Center. Krystal has spent nearly 5 years in Executive-level positions with health non-profit organizations and has over 15 years-experience working with individuals with brain health concerns, their families, and advocacy organizations. Under her leadership, the centers have received 4 international and national awards from leading organizations in the aging care sector for innovation in brain health programming and community impact including honors from the International Council on Active Aging, Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging, the American Society on Aging and the Southern Gerontological Society on Aging. Additionally, she has been recognized through the receipt of 4 personal leadership awards for her contributions to the field including the Global Brain Health Leaders Award (2019) from the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Society, and Global Brain Health Institute, and Crain’s Cleveland Business 40 Under Forty (2017).   Krystal is a Doctor of Behavioral Health with a background in the behavioral sciences (psychology of aging, gerontology, and sociology). She is a Senior Atlantic Fellow with the Global Brain Health Institute, where she was the first scholar from the United States to complete her residency training at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland on dementia prevention and the social determinants of brain health. She has an unwavering commitment to promote brain health equity to individuals of all ages and the communities she serves.