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How Much Does Migraine Cost?

The Cost Of Migraine To The Employer And Employee    There are numerous reasons why you need to care about migraine in the workplace. It’s the number one cause of disability for employees under fifty. 1 It’s a DEI issue. But perhaps the most compelling reason when it comes to the financials is that migraine is hiding in plain sight and is costing almost all American companies significant amounts of…

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Why Does Migraine Not Appear in Claims Data?

Migraine affects 1 in every 6 US adults. It’s the number two leading cause of disability in the US  working age group.(1) According to an independent industry group, The Integrated Benefits Institute, for every 1,000 employees, each U.S company spends $84,000 in direct costs and absenteeism.(2)  If migraine has such a large cost, it’s reasonable to ask why it is not obvious. Why are there not a steady stream of migraine…

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