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Calling in Sick? Good Conversations about Migraine at Work

Calling in sick with a migraine- prompt with a woman on the phone in the background

An excerpt from the, Calling in Sick? Good Conversations about Migraine at Work,  written by Paula Dumas.

Talking candidly about how to manage a migraine at work is one of the best ways to keep a great employee and a great job.

If you’re the one calling in sick with a migraine, chances are your boss and co-workers understand migraines more than you might think. MRF reports that nearly 1 in 4 households includes someone with a migraine. They may know your pain personally, even if they’ve never felt it physically.

What to say – long version: “I’m sorry I can’t make it into work today. I’ve got a severe migraine, a condition my neurologist has diagnosed. I can’t predict how long it will last, but as soon as I feel better, I will begin to make up my work. In the meantime, someone is covering and/or I’ve notified someone else. When I return to work, I’d like to meet with you on my plan to reduce my migraine frequency in the future.”

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